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  1. Assessment Requests
  2. Assessor Assignments
  3. Assessor Preparation / Completion
  1. Post Assessment Administration
  2. Assessment Overview

Assessment Requests 
  • Assessment Requested by Official. (Online Requests Coming Soon)
  • SDA and/or other Administrators are notified by email that a new request exists.
  • If assessment is approved for that referee, game details entered into the system.
  • Games can be entered directly without a request from an Official if desired.
  • The SDA, SRA, SYRA, etc can easily verify the current USSF status of the Referee and whether the assessment has been paid for prior to approving the assessment.
  • Payment for individual assessments can be collected if the assessment has not already been paid for (Coming Soon)
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Assessor Assignments 
  • The SDA assigns an Assessor to a game and designates the type of assessment (Maintenance, Upgrade, Evaluation, etc).
  • Assessors receive new assignments via email and can then Accept or Decline the assignment within the system.
  • As Assessors Accept or Decline assignments, an icon changes from black to red or green within the system to indicate their status.
  • When an Assessor assignment is declined, the SDA is notified by email.
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Assessor Preparation / Completion 
  • Assessors can view current grade information about the Referees and can view important details about the game as entered in the system.
  • Assessor can print out a blank assessment form with pre-populated game data to be filled out at game.
  • Once game has completed and onsite assessment duties have been completed, Assessor will log in to the system and enter the details of the assessment in an easy to use web form.
  • Assessor can also enter mileage and other expenses related to the assessment.
  • When the online data has been complete, the Assessor can easily email a copy of the assessment to the Referee. This assessment will only contain items that are designated as viewable by the referee and will not contain any admin-only data.
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Assessment Administration 
  • Once an assessment is complete, the assessment is sent to the SDA for further review / approval.
  • After approval by SDA, the SRA and/or SYRA are notified if necessary. The information can then be used to complete upgrades, etc.
  • SDA can generate expense reports based on Assessor expenses as needed.
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Assessment Overview 
  • Assessments in the system are only viewable by the SDA, the Assessor that performed the assessment, and the Referee if it is released to them. Referees can only see a limited subset of the full assessment.
  • Assessors can not view assessments performed by other assessors.
  • Assessment history over time can be viewed for Referees or for Assessors.
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